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Album Design

With dozens of vinyl, cd, and cassette designs in our library and experience working with a wide range of manufacturers, including some of the largest vinyl manufacturers in the world, we can make your album design a stress-free process.

vinyl plate.png

Packaging Design

Custom packaging lets your products stand out from the crowd, and with a fully bespoke design, we can build something that perfectly fits what you have in mind. From trading card packs to vinyl boxsets, we will work with you to design your perfect product.

packaging thumbnail 2.png

Enamel Pin Design

Pin crafting is a unique way of selling a brand or business, but the design process and finding a reputable and affordable manufacturer can be a daunting process. We are here to help every step of the way.

enamel pin thumbnail.png

Foil Design

Designing foil artwork can be a complicated process. With our trusted foil print supplier and our lengthy experience in designing bespoke foil elements for artwork, we can handle the entire workflow.

Foil thumbnail.png

Merchandise Design

Merchandising is a core part of establishing and growing a brand. We can work with you to design your merchandise and assist in providing ideas for custom pieces, ranging from clothing to accessories and other memorabilia.

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