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Album Design

At Blackout Studios we have a lot of experience with crafting full album designs, taking into consideration the entire physical product and not just what you would see on a streaming service.

We offer full bespoke design packages for CD, cassette, vinyl, and any other platforms that you may have ideas for. Nothing is out of the question and will work with you to build exactly the formats you need; building a cohesive brand and image across all of your products.

We also have long-standing relationships with several manufacturers to help you find the perfect home for your album to be made, giving you the best opportunities to utilize their skills alongside ours to elevate your physical albums to the next level. This includes the use of spot glossing, foil work, inserts, acetates, specialized packaging, alternate artworks, special formats, and more.

Every piece of work is bespoke, and we will work within any budget you have in mind, if you want to talk prices, or send an enquiry, our email inbox is always open.


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Vinyl Design

With several years of experience working on vinyl albums, and working closely with vinyl manufacturers all over the world on a multitude of releases and conceptualizations, we know what to expect, which means you won't face any unwelcome surprises at any point in the design and production process.

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CD Design

We work closely with manufacturers around the world to make sure any designs we produce will always fit perfectly to their templates and standards.

From single-sleeve covers to jewel cases to tri-fold digipaks; we will create whatever you have in mind.

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Cassette Design

Have a special retro look in mind? We can help design every aspect of a cassette tape, including O-cards, J-cards, shells and in special cases, design custom screen printing for both the shell and casing.

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