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Distribution Services

On Demand CD Production

One of the biggest struggles for independent artists can be the production and distribution of physical media and the stress of organizing an e-commerce space. 

Blackout Studios can produce your next cd, on demand, to provide a zero-risk alternative to be distributed either via the blackout studios store or your own e-commerce solution whilst still offering competitive prices when compared to standard bulk media producers.

on demand cd graphic.png

On Demand Art Printing

Artists looking to move towards selling art prints online can utilize our e-commerce and print-on-demand services to print and sell their art with zero risk and no additional work needed from the artists. We will help set files up for print and send them out to your customers safely and promptly either via our store or your own platform.

with a wide range of stocks and finishes, we will work with you to make sure your work shines across every format. 

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