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Blackout Studios is an independent media publishing studio and creative media consultancy based in Wiltshire, England operated by independent creators Lewis Griffin and Katie-Saffire.

We focus on communicating with and assisting independent artists in releasing their works to the world and helping them realize their visions both through commercial and technical aid. Since being founded in June 2021, the studio has welcomed multiple artists and assisted in publishing, media marketing, merchandising, and logistics.

Initially founded by visual media coordinator Lewis Griffin to publish artwork and function as a basic commercial platform for art prints, Blackout Studios has evolved to become a fully functional independent unit, welcoming creators of all sizes and aspirations and creating an ecosystem in which these creators can function with additional resources, whilst maintaining complete control of their creative works.

Blackout Logistics is the second arm of Blackout Studios that began in the winter of 2021 by delivering Logistics Solutions to creators all over the world.

Blackout Logistics provides end-to-end services and communications, from talking with manufacturers and designers, to storing and shipping goods on behalf of other creators.

Our success stories include allowing small creators to launch their first ever merchandise runs with minimal risk, and managing the rollout of large-scale physical album and EP releases with nothing but 100% positive feedback. 

Blackout Logistics aims to expand it's productivity and servicing capabilities in the next 18 months, and continue toward the goal of reducing the environmental impact of our logistics and working practices, and those of other creators, creating a more accountable industry.


Our Vision

Blackout Studios prides itself on creator control and independence.
After growing tired of the lack of control that conventional art forms and publishing mediums offered, and the heavy price that usually comes with them in terms of relinquishing creative freedoms, the studio was formed as a means for independent artists to have the proper representation and support necessary to operate in the already difficult world of creative media.

All of our creators own 100% of the work that they publish via our studio, and every deal and support structure put in place is bespoke to each artist's needs and budgetary limitations.

Still Curious?

We love answering questions and talking about our vision for a more creator-controlled future in media.
If you have any questions, want to get involved, or are a creator interested in speaking with the Blackout Studios team, you can contact us via the contact form in the header, or email us at